Our Health, Safety, Environment & Community Beliefs

At Georgian Mining, our health, safety, environment and community responsibilities are integral to the way we do business

Our commitments

We are committed to effective implementation of our HSEC policy and to continual improvement in our performance.

Health and Safety

We aspire to achieve “Zero Harm” to people. Our fundamental belief is that all injuries can be prevented, and responsibility starts with each one of us. As such we consult with our employees and relevant stakeholders as appropriate in decisions that affect the health and safety aspects of our operations and workplaces, and we promote a culture where employees and contractors understand and take responsibility for their own safety and that of their co-workers.


We care for the environment and this informs everything we do. We are committed to the efficient use of resources and minimising the environmental impact of our operations as much as possible.


We strive to be valued corporate citizens in our communities. We respect the values and cultural heritage of the communities in which we operate.

Our actions

To meet our HSEC commitments, we will:

  • Clearly define responsibilities and accountabilities
  • Set measurable objectives and targets
  • Use external expertise as required
  • Regularly monitor and report publicly on our progress
  • Develop, implement and maintain management standards and systems
  • Comply with legal requirements, relevant industry standards, and the intent of this policy
  • Identify, assess and manage our HSEC risks
  • Provide appropriate HSEC training to all our employees
  • Disseminate HSEC information to our employees, contractors and visitors to our workplaces
  • Consult and engage our stakeholders to facilitate shared responsibility for meeting the goals of our HSEC Policy

How we intend to achieve our HSEC goals

Prevention of Injuries, Incidents, and Occupational Illnesses

We believe that all injuries, incidents and occupational illnesses are preventable and that incident and near miss reporting and investigation are of fundamental importance in their prevention.

Promoting Environmental Protection

By operating our business in the most efficient way we work to reduce the impact on the environment and the local communities that surround our operating entities. Our aim is to work in harmony with our surroundings, to minimise our environmental footprint; and to provide economic benefit to local communities, our contractors and suppliers.

Compliance with Laws, Regulations & Georgian Mining Standards

We have clear health, safety, environmental, human rights and community expectations within our corporate governance structure. All Georgian Mining entities are required to adhere to these corporate expectations and to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. We strive to promote our expectations within the community, and amongst our contractors and suppliers wherever possible.


We encourage learning from incidents. Although we are promoting a zero-harm vision, we understand that incidents can happen, but will do all that we can to avoid repetition.

Continuous Improvement and Commitment

The high standards required in all areas of health, safety, environment, human rights and community engagement require continuous improvement and commitment by everybody.

Auditing, Monitoring and Corrective Action

We are committed to setting objectives and targets, auditing, monitoring, sampling and implementing corrective actions to ensure full compliance with our corporate expectations.

Personal Responsibility

We all have a personal responsibility to prevent harm to ourselves, others, and the environment. Safety, good health and concern for the environment are equally important away from work and are encouraged.

Health and Safety Policy

The health and safety of our employees, contractors and local stakeholders is a core value of Georgian Mining. The ability to operate safely, sustainably, and to be recognised as a good corporate citizen is central to our long-term future in the Republic of Georgia. Central to this value is our commitment to the following:

  1. To foster a safety culture of “zero harm” which has at its core the belief that all accidents are avoidable, and that the health and safety of our employees, contractors and citizens in host communities is of paramount importance.
  2. Providing our employees and contractors with a safe working environment, and the skills and training necessary to perform their tasks in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.
  3. Complying with all relevant health and safety laws, regulations, and recognised international best practices.
  4. The promotion of health and safety as a core value for the Company, and a commitment that all employees and contractors understand and take responsibility for their own safety and the safety of their co-workers, and that they are proactive in continuously improving the safety culture within the Company.
  5. To provide adequate safety resources, including protective equipment, safe work procedures, and specialist safety training and consultation to all employees to recognise and manage any risks identified with any work activities, and ensure employees are competent to carry out their duties.
  6. To encourage a culture of transparency through risk identification, incident investigation, reporting and mitigation, and to establish meaningful safety performance goals to encourage a culture of continuous improvement.
  7. To require all our visitors, contractors, suppliers and partners when at the company’s facilities or sites to adhere to our Health and Safety Policy and related safety standards and safe work procedures.
  8. To provide effective emergency response programmes at all sites, with appropriate training where necessary.
  9. To undertake periodic reviews of our operations to measure progress and ensure compliance with this commitment.

Environmental Expectations

We continuously strive to:

  1. Design, operate and maintain facilities to ensure compliance with applicable permits, laws and regulations. In the absence of regulation, apply relevant industry standards to reduce environmental risks
  2. Establish and implement environmental management systems focused on continual improvement to identify and monitor environmental impacts
  3. Set targets and objectives to track and improve environmental performance. In particular in relation to:
    • Pollution prevention (e.g. emissions to air & effluent management)
    • Waste management (hazardous and non-hazardous)
    • Resource efficiency (e.g. energy & water)
    • Legally protected areas and biodiversity
  4. Ensure that employees and contractors receive appropriate training and are competent to carry out their duties and responsibilities. Encourage concern and respect for the environment, emphasize every employees’ responsibility in environmental performance
  5. Develop, maintain and test appropriate environmental incident management procedures and equipment
  6. Have a system in place to report environmental incidents and near misses; ensure timely and consistent investigation of incidents to understand contributing factors to reduce the level of risk
  7. Undertake periodic reviews of operations to measure progress and to ensure compliance with these expectations
  8. Provide the necessary resources to enable compliance with these expectations

Human Rights & Community Expectations

Engaging with communities

  • To respect the human rights, culture, customs and values of the people in the communities in which we operate in a manner consistent with the spirit and intent of Georgian Mining HSEC expectations
  • Undertake HSEC impact assessments, as appropriate
  • To foster open, proactive, two-way communication with communities & knowledgeable stakeholders and participate in community engagement activities, as appropriate
  • To contribute, within our area of influence, to the promotion of human rights through enhanced economic, environmental and social conditions and serve as a positive influence in communities in which we operate
  • Ensure that any community donations are in line with the Georgian Mining corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy

Within our workplace

  • To respect the human rights and diversity of our employees as established in our Georgian Mining Code of Conduct and Human Resources policies, including non-discrimination, and the prohibition of child and enforced labour.
  • To not tolerate any workplace harassment, physical or verbal abuse
  • As a minimum, comply with legal requirements regarding wages and working hours

Know your counterparty

To communicate Georgian Mining’s HSEC expectations when vetting and performing due diligence on prospective partners, contractors, and suppliers, and when executing transactions

Personnel & asset security

To safeguard our personnel and our assets and provide a secure environment in which business operations can be successfully conducted

To ensure the provision of security is consistent with international standards, Georgian Mining & local policies, as well as the laws of the countries in which we operate, using security services and practices commensurate with the level of risk

To report any incidents in line with legal and Georgian Mining expectations

Undertake periodic reviews of our operations to measure progress and to ensure compliance with these expectations